Bollywood celebrities who have opted for IVF and surrogacy

Many illustrious couples in Bollywood have chosen to become parents in their late thirties or even forties. Thanks to the marvels of modern medical science such as IVF and surrogacy. This is no longer a far-fetched possibility. Seeds of Innocence is a trusted IVF centre that will take you a step closer to parenthood.
Be it IVF or surrogacy, you can book an appointment with us to avail our specialised services backed by a team of experienced and internationally trained medical professionals. If you are contemplating IVF and surrogacy, you can surely take inspiration from these A-listers of Bollywood:
a. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao: The iconic Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and his filmmaker wife Kiran Rao were one of the very first celebrity couples who publicly declared that their son Azad was born through surrogacy.
Born in December 2011, Azad was brought into the world through this route following Kiran’s miscarriage and uterine complications. Aamir has always been very open about it and also encourages other couples to go for IVF and surrogacy if natural conception is not possible.
b. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan: The nation’s heartthrob also opted for surrogacy to have his third child, AbRam, along with his wife Gauri Khan. Gauri, a mother of two, had been trying to conceive for three years, but to no avail. That’s when the couple, already parents to a son Aryan and a daughter Suhaana, decided to go for surrogacy.
Though AbRam was born prematurely by several months, he brought oodles of joy to the family. In fact, he is always seen accompanying his father for vacations, IPL matches, and even just while greeting fans outside their abode, Mannat.
c. Tusshar Kapoor: He became a father to his son Laksshya, born through surrogacy, in 2016. Ever since then, he has been fulfilling his daddy duties to the T. He has always been vocal about how he wanted to have his biological child, even as a single parent.
He also mentioned in one of his interviews that his paternal instincts grew strong once he turned 35, and that’s when he decided to give surrogacy a shot. Interestingly enough, even his sister and producer Ekta Kapoor, is a single mother to her son Ravie, born through surrogacy in January 2019. Looks like for this sibling duo, marriage could wait but parenthood could not!
d. Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra: The stunning Shilpa Shetty along with her husband Raj Kundra welcomed their baby daughter Samisha into the family in early 2017. The couple went for surrogacy, since Shilpa has been suffering from an autoimmune disease called APLA, which stood in the way of her pregnancy.
She also suffered from a couple of miscarriages, which is when they decided to opt for surrogacy. Now they are a happy family of four, and Shilpa is glad she could give a sibling to her son Viaan to share life with!
e. Karan Johar: February 2017 saw the ace producer-director of Bollywood, Karan Johar, becoming a father to non-identical twins, a girl and a boy, through surrogacy. As stated by him in interviews, he is co-parenting the twins along with his mother Hiroo Johar. Named Yash and Roohi, the kids are now the Bollywood celebrity’s biggest priority.
He has also publicly extended his gratitude towards the surrogate who fulfilled his “lifelong dream”, adding that she will always remain in his prayers. He has also expressed his thankfulness towards the IVF specialist Jatin Shah, who was instrumental in executing the surrogacy process successfully.
f. Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber: In 2018, the much-celebrated couple announced the birth of their twins- Asher and Noah, through social media. Sunny’s tweet clarified that the twins are their biological kids. They chose surrogacy to complete their family many years ago and when it reached completion, their joy knew no bounds.
She had shared in an interview that she opted for surrogacy since she wanted to keep working. She also added that she will be a better mother if she continues her career pursuits rather than being a stay-at-home mother. She surely is an inspiration for new-age mothers who want to juggle multiple roles.
g. Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder: Famous filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan penned an open letter last year about choosing IVF to embrace motherhood at the age of 43. On February 11, 2008, Farah and Shirish had welcomed their triplets, Diva Kunder, Anya Kunder, and Czar Kunder through IVF.
The letter mentions how she took a call when it comes to having kids and she chose not to be driven by societal norms. She also adds that we give so much importance to people’s judgements that we forget it’s our life and the choice of becoming a mother, whether naturally or through assisted reproductive techniques, should be ours.