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Today, women opt for test tube babies without giving a second thought. IVF has become a common trend amongst couples facing problems with conceving. With an increased demand for IVF procedure, we provide special training in collaboration with the Department of Reproductive Medicine , University of Ghent , Belguim to already qualified doctors to carry out IVF successfully. Our IVF training program will broaden your genre of knowledge and give you an exposure to advanced techniques. The training will unleash many potential career paths for you.

1 out of 6
face problem in conceiving
5 million
born worldwide through IVF

You Gain

Interactive lectures with international faculty

Interactive services of lectures with audio/visual aids by our experienced internal and international faculty.

Multimedia presentation of critical clinical aspects

Clinical aspects such as setting up of an ideal IVF lab, follicular study, ovum pickup, embryo scoring, extended culture & transfer.

Lectures by Dr. Petra De Sutter from Belgium University

Discussions on skype over similar or comparable situations as described in exercises & application of the principles.

Certificate by University Hospital, Ghent

All the participants will be awarded a certificate of training accredited by SOI and University Hospital Ghent.

Training Module

  • Routine semen analysis and culture, sperm preparation for IUI and IVF.
  • Dish preparation for IVF and ICSI.
  • Types of media used, media handling and storage.
  • Follicular monitoring and oocyte retrieval.
  • Oocytes and embryo handling and transfer between the dishes.
  • Catheter loading for IUI and embryo transfer.
  • Micromanipulation components, mechanics and installation instructions.
  • Aligning of micromanipulator, micro tools and preparing for sperm injection.
  • Sperm immobilization followed by ICSI.
  • Hands- on training on ovum pickup and complete andrology.
  • Good laboratory practices.

Methodology of Training

Course Duration

2-4 weeks


DGO, DNB or Post MD
Age no bar


Trainees will get course manual and certificate of training accredited by SOI and University Hospital Ghent.

Learn From The Best

Dr. Petra De Sutter

Petra De Sutter is a gynecologist and head of the department of reproductive medicine at University Hospital Gent. She is also a professor at Gent University, member of the Belgian Parliament and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Dr. Gauri Agarwal

Dr. Gauri Agarwal is a young, dynamic & leading fertility specialist based in Ghaziabad. Backed by a visionary thinking, die hard determination and industry rich experience of more than 10 years, she is striving hard to eradicate the problem of infertility.

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What Our
Trainees Say

  • The extensive training program by the IVF pioneer Dr Gauri & Dr. Petra has enabled me towards real expertise. With proper guidance, hands-on training and good laboratory practices I have understood the procedure and confident about performing the same. Dr. Madhumita Tyagi (MD)
  • Having done a diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics (DGO), this training session proved to be a real exposure for me. The training program was an array of lectures with audio/visual aids by the highly experienced and qualified faculty. Both the approach and facilitation was beyond my expectation. Dr. Alison Brown (DGO)
  • I had good 4 weeks of experience during the training period. I enjoyed my stay and learned a lot during the training period. During the training period, I got to know the fundamental techniques like diagnosis, semen preparation techniques and cryopreservation. What I really liked was the assessment session after training where I got to know my shortcomings. Dr. Stefan(MD)
  • After completing my MD, I was looking for a short-term training program which would provide good practical knowledge. Then I came across this training program which had video/multimedia presentation of various clinical aspects of setting up of an ideal IVF lab. Apart from all this, a certificate from University Hospital Ghent is really valuable as it is one of the most renowned universities of the world. Dr. Saurav Rawat(MD)

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