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Best Surrogacy Centre Testimonials
Patient From Dadri

Bilateral Tubal Blockage (Tubes Blocked)

I have been married since 15 years and planning to have kids all these years. We consulted many gynecologist and infertility doctors to have a solution to our problem. I got to know that my both tubes were blocked and natural pregnancy was not possible. Laparoscopic surgery was also done to open the tubes but no relief. Then we came to know about Dr. Gauri Agarwal, her individual interest and involvement in her patients gave us the confidence to go forward with the treatment. Every event of IVF procedure went without any obstacle and today we are very happy with our healthy baby.
Patient From Bulandshahr (U.P)

Unexplained Infertility

I was married since five years but had no children. Investigation reports and other primary tests results were normal. At primary level the case was categorized as unexplained Infertility by the doctors. I underwent three IUI cycles, but no success. Then we came to know about Dr. Gauri Agarwal through daily news paper and visited her fertility clinic. She planned our IVF cycle and the treatment parameters were set, We got success in our first attempt and today are enjoying life with our cute baby. Thanks to Dr. Gauri and her team.
Patient From Jaipur

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCO)

Me and my husband aged 35 and 37 respectively, stepped the fertility clinic of Dr. Gauri Agarwal in the year 2014. We were married for 10 years and the problem diagnosed was Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). After going through all the investigations Dr. Gauri advised to opt for egg donation. Embryos were formed using the sperm of my husband and our dream of parenthood came into reality in the first attempt of IVF. We are very delighted and grateful.
Patient From Hapur (U.P.)


I had the problem of dysmenorrhea since the beginning of my periods. Tests showed the presence of Endometrioma [Collection of menstrual blood in the ovary] in both the ovaries. It was removed through laparoscopy in the year 2006. After that I had few cycles of failed IUI and a cycle of IVF in 2011. IVF resulted in weak positive pregnancy, which later terminated.Then we reached to Dr. Gauri Agarwal. She studied our case thoroughly gave us the hope to start the treatment with positive thinking. With her proper line of treatment now I am in my 4th month of pregnancy. We both are looking forward for the baby's arrival in this world with great anticipation.
Patient From Gorakhpur

Tubectomy (Operation To Close The Tubes)

I was married for 11 years and had twins of age eight. I underwent tubectomy at the birth of my children as we both felt that our family is complete now. However, in an accident I lost both of my children and was left with all the tears and depression. Me and my husband rolled over several fertility clinics to get the joy of parenthood but all in vain. Then suddenly we came to know about Dr. Gauri Agarwal from one of our friends and we arrived her clinic. Her well-established and professionally run fertility hospital offered us with the appropriate fertility service. My eggs were retrieved after stimulating the ovaries and embryos were formed by fertilizing them with the sperm of my husband. Positive pregnancy test filled us with immense pleasure and today I am happy with my twins again.
Patient From Ahmadabad

Oligospermia (Low Sperm Count)

I had Oligospermia with count between 16 to 21 million and motility between 30-40%.This was diagnosed when after 7 years of marriage my wife was not able to conceive though her investigations were normal.After consulting to the doctors in many cities we were totally hopeless as no positive outcome was there. Then we saw the interview of Dr. Gauri Agarwal on television where she addressed the problem of oligospermia and its treatment. We came down to her clinic and warm welcome that we found while receiving us gave a hope and we decided to take the treatment under her guidance. She treated us with the technique IVF-ICSI and success knocked the door finally. Thanks to the kind efforts of Dr. Gauri Agarwal.
Patient From Mathura

Azoospermia(Sperms Absent in Semen but Present in The Testis)

After 12 years of marriage we were unable to achieve the dream of parenthood. I was diagnosed with the problem of azoospermia. I was of age 44 and it was already late to have children. During the journey to attain our dream of parenthood we consulted many fertility centers and underwent various lines of treatment. Then we visited Dr. gauri Agarwal, she counseled us to get out of the stress and develop positive thinking. During the process of IVF treatment after the oocytes were retrieved my testicular biopsy was done. Eggs were fertilized with a single sperm egg fertilization technique known as ICSI. Embryos were transplanted in the uterus and final result was β-hCG positive on 14th day after ET. We were excited to see the heart beat on scan and had tears out of joy.We are very grateful to Dr. Gauri Agarwal.
Patient From Meerut

Surrogacy (Renting a Womb)

I had juvenile uterus, irregular periods and missed abortions in the past. There was no hope to conceive and enjoy the pleasure of motherhood. I was married for 15 years and my husband’s test reports were absolutely normal. After a prolonged period of hopeless treatments we finally came to visit Dr, Gauri Agarwal for the solution of our problem. She told us about surrogacy and explained the entire process. We got convinced and the process started with the stimulation of my ovaries. She arranged a healthy woman of 28 years of age and the embryos formed with the sperms of my husband were transferred in her uterus. She carried our child for the entire nine months and delivered a healthy baby for us. Thanks for creating this miracle and giving us the joy of parenthood.
Patient From Bihar
We were married about 10 years ago & after having a lot of unsuccessful treatment from so many other hospitals, we came to know about Dr. Gauri Agarwal, IVF Specialist, Yashoda Hospital, Ghaziabad and met her. She & her staff counseled us and gave us the treatment. Due to her treatment and care, my wife is now 21 weeks pregnant.

Thanks a lot to Dr. Gauri Agarwal and her staff for giving us a good treatment, care & counseling.

God Bless her, her staff and her hospital and we hope she will give such kind of happiness to other couples also, who are suffering from the problem of infertility.
Anju & Bhupinder