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No one can understand the devastating effect of being childless until he or she has undergone the same trauma. I, Shalini Mehta aged 35 years married to Prashant Mehta for 9 years was struggling through my infertility since a year after my marriage.

Enormous clinics, various specialists, horrible investigations and a lot more were now taking a toll on us in all ways, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. We started to keep ourselves away from social gatherings as the tortuous interrogation were a nightmare.

My problem was PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) which had all the adverse effects on me, like weight gain, irregular periods and acne. I consulted several doctors and each time got a long prescription of Do’s and Don’ts with pills more than my breakfast course. Some told me to reduce my weight by exercise or yoga as it was a great barrier in getting pregnant. I joined yoga and aerobic classes for almost a year and was successful in loosing about 20 kgs.

I again contacted my specialist and went into ecstasies when she told me that I may now conceive through IUI with the help of some medicines and injections. From second day of my menses my treatment started with clomiphene citrate and follicular monitoring. Some drugs were also given to lower my PCOS and improve the egg quality. The final injection to rupture the eggs was given and IUI was done. The fifteen day wait period for the result of S-Bhcg was like a battle to win and to my utmost despair I got the result negative. Oh GOD!! What next? Will all this go for a vain and I will never be a mother. My husband consoled me and my doctor assured me of success for the next time.

A month later the procedure started again and I was vulnerable to face the negative result again and then again, the next month. The doctor advised me to for IVF now, as IUI was not working for me. Me and my husband now thought to search for some better rather the best clinic in Delhi/NCR as now the failure could have led me to the mental asylum. 

We surfed the internet and contacted some of our friends, whom we were not in touch since quite long due to my unstable mental state. To our extreme surprise we came to know that one of my friend’s suffering from male infertility was now a doting father of a beautiful baby girl by the grace of God and the treatment taken from Seeds of Innocence fertility clinic, New Delhi.

We googled a lot and the reviews about SOI strengthened our decision to go to the clinic.

One fine day we both entered the clinic with lots of dilemma and confusion. We met the counselor and she welcomed us with a warm empathetic smile. Listened calmly our whole story and gave the belief that you are now in safe hands where you can flourish your dreams. She led us to the Director and fertility specialist

Dr. Gauri Agarwal and briefed our stigma. Dr. Gauri compassionately talked to us and made the environment friendly enough to open up. She narrated the cause, diagnosis and treatment of PCOS infertility and gave the protocol for same.

The happy patients at the clinic and the testimonials on the wall filled positive vibes in us and we returned home with a bundle of hope.

My stimulation started as per the protocol and some injections were given along with drugs to boost up the fertility. Egg retrieval resulted in 18 eggs, 11 mature and good wherein 7 were immature. Embryos were formed and cryopreserved as my hormonal level indicated that transfer cannot be done in the same cycle. We waited for my periods and then the frozen embryos were transferred after few days.

Again, butterflies rolled down my stomach and the wait seemed to be an era. My blood test report was supposed to come after 15 days and I prayed every bit to get it positive this time. What a pleasant surprise it was!! I couldn’t believe, oh God!! This is positive this time. My husband rushed to the clinic to get the confirmation. My breath was about to stop when he entered with a giggle and holded my trembling hands, whispering “you are pregnant”. What else could I have asked for?

I successfully completed my nine months journey under the supervision of specialists of SOI and gave birth to my princess. No words to thank SOI, I was speechless. Today while holding my bundle of joy I could proudly say that I made the right choice and the result is here.

If somebody, like me is looking for the best IVF center in Delhi/NCR then Seeds of Innocence holds its head high. Trust, confidentiality, empathy, world class technology, cozy ambiance, Expert specialists, skilled staff, tailor made fertility price and above all incredible success rates, all what you are looking for in a fertility clinic are exemplary. I would personally suggest to visit once to SOI and experience the joy of happiness.

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