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Donation Program

Donation also known as third party reproduction is a ray of hope for the childless couples who are unable to produce their biological child. Donor program may vary according to the medical problems of the infertile couple ranging from egg donation, sperm donation to embryo donation. When self cycle treatment fails or there are problems with the couple then IVF with donation is a boon. Donation can be of egg, sperm or embryo depending on the need of the patient

egg donation

indication for oocyte donation

·       Patients who have and multiple cycle of IVF or ICSI and have still failed to conceive

·       Women after the age of 40 tend to have low ovarian reserve and poor quality eggs

·       Elderly or menopausal women

·       Patients Suffering from severe endometrioses and tuberculosis produce poor quality eggs

·       Women suffering from PCOS and Ovarian cysts can be benefited with egg donation with egg donation

·       Premature Ovarian failure

·       Inherited genetic disorder


Sperm donation is an option for couple with severe male infertility. 

Donor should than 40 years of age and should have children of their own.


·       Obstructive Azoospermia:  Congenital absence of vas deferens or vasectomy

·       Non obstructive Azoospermia:  Primary testicular failure or secondary testicular failure due to radiation treatment or chemotherapy

·       Ejaculatory dysfunction or if the male is a carrier to genetic disorder

·       Severe Oligospermia or seminal fluid abnormality


Embryo donation is a process in which the embryo formed from IVF procedure of the already conceived patient are transferred in the uterus of infertile woman. 




·       Couples having difficulty in conceiving with own eggs & sperms

·       Unfavourable medico-genetic prognosis


If poor quality embryos are repeatedly produced and their transfer results in no pregnancy.


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