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1 out of 6 Couples have Infertility issues in India, it’s Normal.
Choosing the Right IVF Specialist Can Boost Your Chances of Having a Baby By 90%
Have you been trying to have a baby for 6 to 12 months?
If you and your Husband are Fertile, then it should not take more than 6 Months to hear the Good News. However, if you have been trying for more than six months and are still unsuccessful, it's best you meet a Fertility Expert.
Seeds of Innocence spends quality time to understand the medical history of couples and diagnose the real problem.
Have you previously undergone a failed IVF cycle in another hospital?
Don't blame yourself because the success rate of IVF does not depend on You or Your Partner. Instead, it depends on the Experience of the doctor treating you and the Technology used at the IVF centre.
Seeds of Innocence has more than 45 Years of Experience in Advanced Infertility Treatment, and has state-of-the-art IVF centres across India. What's more, it is the only IVF centre in northern India to offer in-house Genetic Testing so that you can check for genetic diseases in an unborn fetus, stop any problematic gene passing on to your child, among others.
Do you feel you are paying a lot more money for the IVF treatment?
At a time when infertility is growing in India, the cost of IVF treatment is also increasing alarmingly. This definitely needs to stop!
This is why we, at Seeds of Innocence, have Highly-experienced Doctors -- who have 74% Success Rate -- who can provide you cutting-edge IVF treatment at a very Affordable Cost. To top it, we also offer Flexible Payment Plans (such as EMIs) if you cannot pay for the treatment upfront.
If you feel
You Are Reducing Your Chances Of Having A Child.
The Good News Is

We Have Handled Thousands Of Couples With Similar Problems

I Want To Start My Family

Our Personalized IVF Treatment is the Perfect Journey to Start a Family.


Infertility is not gender-specific. This is why we first diagnose the problem. As a result, you save your time and money even before starting with our IVF/IUI treatment.

I Want To Start My Family
Infertility Causes:
Age –

Age plays an important role in fertility. For women, getting pregnant after 35 can be difficult, while for men, it can be tough after the age of 40 due to low sperm count.

Ovulation –

You cannot give birth to a bay if you don't ovulate. Only if you have a regular menstrual cycle can you ovulate. While most women can ovulate even in their 50s, the quality of eggs may not be very high, which can reduce your chances of having a baby.

Uterus & Endometrial Lining –

Fibroids, Polyps and other Uterine Disorders may lead to scarring of the cavity in the uterine due to previous surgeries. If the scarring is particularly severe, it may be difficult to implant an Embryo in the Uterus. A simple Ultrasound can diagnose this problem. In most cases, this problem can be cured by a minor surgery.

Genetic Disorders –

Sperm and Eggs of men and women can have abnormal chromosomes due to certain genetic disorders. This can lead to Infertility or Multiple Miscarriages.

Endometriosis –

One of the most common reasons for female infertility, this problem can be treated with a Minimal Invasive Treatment.

Sperm Count –

A common reason for male fertility, this problem can be diagnosed by a simple Sperm Count Test.

Sperm Disfunction –

Another common cause for infertility, thisproblem can be identified during the Semen Analysis Test.


A Successful Diagnose allows us to proceed with the Right course of Action and Treatment to have the Highest Success Rate to have a Child.
80% of Infertility Treatment can be concluded with two most common and Successful Treatment that is IUI and IVF which has to be performed under strict guidance of an Infertility Experts.

I Want To Start My Family
  • IUI - Intrauterine Insemination
  • IVF Treatment
IUI - Intrauterine Insemination

It’s a form of Artificial Insemination, is a simple procedure that enables conception by directing sperm to the right place at the right time.

When do we recommend IUI?
  • Women has Ovulation Problems and are undergoing ovulation induction, especially when timed intercourse was not successful.
  • Couple are unable to match the timing of Intercourse due to various reasons.
  • Mild Male Infertility Problem.
  • Unable to diagnose and explain the Problem after various test.
  • Women is using a Donor Sperm
IUI is a 3 Step Procedure:
  • Ovulation is tracked and a Fertile period is identified
  • Semen is collected and washed
  • Sperm is inserted directly into the Uterus
IVF Treatment

In simple words, it’s a Process of fertilizing an Egg outside the body and is the oldest and most frequently used procedure worldwide. IVF Treatment is offered after thorough test and examination which leaves us with a Treatment Choice of proceeding with IVF Treatment. It typically takes 3-4 weeks of Initial Consultationand Testing.

When do we Recommend IVF?
  • Severe Male Infertility Problems identified
  • Significantly blocked Female Fallopian Tubes
  • Unexplained reasons for Infertility between Male & Female
  • Diagnosed Female Infertility Problem
9 Advanced Steps for Successful IVF Procedure
  • 1. Pre-Consultation to understand Your Medical History
  • 2. Create Personalized Protocol for you
  • 3. Follicle Monitoring to get as many good quality Eggs as possible
  • 6. Time to make the Best Eggs and Best Sperm meet and Fertilize
  • 5. The Best Sperm is Identified and ready for the next Step
  • 4. Male Sperm is processed in our Andrology Lab by Eggs as possible our Expert Embryologist
  • 7. Pre-Implant Genetic Testing to confirm the Embryo will give us a Healthy Child
  • 8. The Healthiest Embryo is Transferred in the Uterus
  • 9. The Day – Within the first 11-13 we can find out if your Embryo was Successfully Implanted
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