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Secondary Infertility Causes & Treatment

While it is a common belief that once a couple has had a child, it means that they are fertile enough to have a second one. In fact, a number of couples who face infertility do so when they plan their second or third child.

When a couple fails to conceive another child naturally, the condition is called secondary infertility. For couples unable to conceive their first child, it is easy to seek treatment. However, for couples with child/children conceived naturally before remain in the misconception that they can do it again, naturally. It is not true that once a couple becomes fertile, they remain fertile. On the contrary, the truth is that in between these 2 pregnancies, a lot of things. can change. This can be attributed to secondary infertility in male or female partner. Our experienced fertility specialists at Seeds of Innocence will tell you more about what is secondary infertility, secondary infertility causes, secondary infertility symptoms, secondary infertility treatment, and more. With the right secondary infertility investigations, we help in ensuring high secondary infertility success rates.

Causes of Secondary Infertility

The causes of secondary infertility may remain the same as primary infertility. In the time between the two attempts, there are chances that the husband or wife may have gained weight, had a condition develop, or developed an unhealthy lifestyle. Furthermore, in the time that passed by, the health of the eggs or the sperms may have decreased. For men, the main cause of secondary infertility is often abnormalities in sperm and ejaculate. For women, however, the major causes of secondary infertility are as follows:

  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Endometriosis
  • Pelvic Adhesions
  • Fibroids and Polyps
  • Dimished Ovarian Reserve

Secondary Infertility FAQ’s

Q. What is the difference between primary and secondary infertility?

Primary infertility refers to the first time a couple decides to get pregnant but is unable to do so because of many reasons. Secondary infertility is the condition in which a couple has had a child before, but has developed conditions between the gap, causing infertility on their second or third pregnancy.

Q. How common is secondary infertility?

Quite common. Because of the social structure, the common age of having a second child has increased from mid 20s to mid 30s now, which makes it a common cause of secondary infertility.

Q. Is secondary infertility hereditary?

Since the causes of infertility are the same in primary infertility and secondary infertility, the answer really depends on the reason behind it. For more information, talk about your condition with an expert. Book an appointment today.

Q. Can you get pregnant with secondary infertility?

Yes. Solutions of assisted or natural conception that work in the case of primary infertility can and will work for secondary infertility as well. It all depends on the person and their health.